Basement 415 Collins St. Melbourne Ph 9629 1146

Tap Beer

Carlton Draught

Cascade Premium Light

Matilda Bay “Fat Yak” Pale Ale

Fullers London Pride

Guinness Stout

Kilkenny Irish Ale

Coopers Pale Ale


Little Creatures “Bright” Ale

Mountain Goat “Hightail” Ale

Hargreaves Hill (Yarra Valley) ESB

Boags Draught (Tasmania)

Hobgoblin (UK) Ruby Red Ale

Old Speckled Hen (UK)

Weston’s “Stowford Press” Traditional English Cider

Two Brothers (Melbourne) “Gypsy” Cider

Sherlock Imported Reserve Lager

Tetleys Smooth (UK)

 And a changing range of Seasonal “Guest” Beers…